Located inside the Passport office

We have an outlet conveniently located inside the passport office making it easier for you to locate us.

No need to wait 

You don’t have to wait at the passport office anymore! Delivery Malli will deliver your passport right to you.

Fully authorized  

Delivery Malli has the full authorization from the Department of Immigration to collect and deliver passports.

Delivery within the same day

If you are using the one day service, Delivery Malli is able to deliver your passport right to your home or office on the same day.

Your trusted delivery partner

Delivery Malli is known for the secure and reliable service provided. Therefore you can be sure your passport is in safe hands.

Safe, Secure and Fast

We provide the guarantee that your valuable documents will be delivered right on time and securely .

Stay worry free!
Get your passport delivered right to you!

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Our Process

Step 1 - Provide documents

Provide your relavant documents to passport office and you will recieve a payment slip.

Step 2 - Getting the customer details

Then come to our outlet in the piyasa section at passport office and give us your payment slip.Then Just provide us with the basic details and let us know where you want the passport delivered to.

Step 3 - Pick up the passport

We will collect your passport from the passport office

Step 4 - Deliver to you

Our team is dedicated to delivering your most valued passport to your doorstep within same day

Your Trusted Brother. Delivery Malli.