Dedicated trusted brother

You will get a trusted Malli to support all of your works. He can get stuff delivered to you, Dealing with annoying paperwork, Travel and event planning, support your personal tasks and daily chores and much, much more.

As an assistant

He will be there by your side for your any requirement. You can simply message to Malli just like you would to a friend. He will get back to you with a solution. We take the word "superhuman" seriously.

Only for you

Your Malli will be dedicated only for you. Sounds awesome? Yes. No more work with random people. We will allocate a Malli only for you. So you can trust him with your any work.

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No enough time? Need a personal assistant?

Delivery Malli provides you a personal assistant. From grocery shopping, cheque deposits, finding an electrician, pick-up and drop of items/ gifts/ deliveries to booking a cab for your outstation trip, you delegate the tasks to Malli and consider its done, while you make time for more important things.

Improve your productivity knowing that your personal life is under control, or just have more time for things you want to do. No matter how ordinary or unusual the request, we strive to find you the best solution. Delivery Malli provides assistance where you need, whether from home, office or on-the-go!
We Do It All, from everyday to extraordinary.

Get your personal Delivery Malli today. Contact us for more info

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Your Trusted Brother. Delivery Malli.